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Omega Constellation Replica Watches

The GPHG 2015 eminent Grand Prize confirms that Omega Constellation Replica Watches's 24 Secondes vision is the most outstanding horological achievement in 2015. The tourbillon piece was created in a slimmer and smaller housing, which was possible because of the glass dome at the back of the case. The watch's unique design, combined with its exceptional technical abilities and the level of craftsmanship that can be seen in the entire piece, is what earned it the Golden Hand Award. The 22-piece limited edition of the piece, which was produced according to the principles of sophistication and simple design, is sold for a steep price of $286,000.

The award-winning watch from Omega Constellation Replica Watches features a clever architectural design that makes it possible for the watch to remain as thin as possible despite having a large tourbillion cage.Omega Constellation Replica Watches It is actually the thinnest of the models in the collection. The rear of the watch was given a sapphire crystal, just like on the front. This is because the dome, which overlaps the lower movement's bridge, makes the case a little thicker in this section (16 mm as opposed to 13.5mm). The housing was designed to compensate for this, and its lugs are curved on the lower side. The housing is made from 18K white gold, and the case diameter is 43.5 mm.

The bridge mentioned above that is overlapping with the tourbillion has a unique architectural design. The arched structure resembles a Romansque vault. It is enriched by top-notch finishings such as the black mirror-polish. This speaks of the incredible skill of the artisans employed by Robert Greubel & Stephen Forsey.

The tourbillion used in this piece is a brand-owned patent, and it is considered to be one of the best available on the market. The tourbillion is inclined 25 degrees to maximize performance.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches This tourbillion, as its name suggests, completes one full rotation every 24 seconds.

All other components (288 total) of the movement are also adorned with high-end finishes. This is also a manually wound mechanical movement that operates at a rate of 21,600 vph. The power reserve is three days. On the back of the case next to the dome, you can see the state of storage.

Aside from the technical sophistication, which is most visible in the structure and embellishments of the piece as well as the technical excellence, there was another important principle, which guided the creation. The simplicity principle. This is most visible in its design, which features a lovely silver dial with galvanized Palladium plating. The dial has a flange that features bar-shaped markers. They are created in an intricate process, where they are applied first and then enameled with gold. The central minute and hour hands are also of high quality. These skeletonized hand are made from blued steel that was finished naturally by hand.

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